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Friends, have you noticed how much the industry has changed over the years?

Almost as soon as adult content arrived on the internet, it became very competitive.

Your success was measured by traffic. Web-surfers. Clicks.

So what does traffic mean? The number of people through your gate, across and through your web pages.

Well traffic sounds good doesn't it? Yes it does.

How do I make money from traffic? Get them to click on a sponsor or buy something of value.

In the adult industry, typically the web surfer buys content.

Great, so more web surfers, means more traffic, and more people buying content. That makes me money right?

Yes, but only for a while. As soon as your traffic increases, your competitor tries to steal it or get some of your traffic.

How does he do that? Well he copies your ideas.

What else? Well he tries to entice the surfers to go to his pages.

How does he do that? By giving the surfer more or better content than you.

How can he give them free content and make money? Well he does at first, until the surfer gets conditioned to expecting free content.

The the surfer is expecting free content. More and more free content. So much that most experienced adult image/content surfers, expect everything for free.

So what happens? Conversions go down. It takes more and more surfers to go through your site to make a sale.

Then what happens? The cycle continues. The next webmaster adds even more content, for free. Better content, longer videos.

You already know this. You have seen all the tube sites. You can download a full length adult video, for FREE.

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